As my family travelled 1,700 kilometres from Ottawa to Bermuda for our winter holiday, and as temperatures rose 40-60 degrees celsius, and as we changed the scenery from snow and ice to sand and surf, I ask my boys: “So, what do you like better, snow or sand?”

Their answer without hesitation: “Both!”


I realize in that moment that whether my children are skiing down a mountain or splashing in the ocean, their squeals of delight know no geographical boundaries. Their gleeful laughter does not distinguish between the seasons. Their temperament is not affected by the temperature. They are just being happy. Regardless of the time, space, and environment that they are in, they are just being.


What if you detached yourself from outcomes, and focused on being intentional?

What if you gave yourself permission to stop analyzing and started simply observing your thoughts and feelings?

What if you worried less about always having to do something and practiced stillness and simply being?


When you feel mad, just be mad, and allow your inner peace to be revealed.

When you feel sad, just be sad, and allow your happiness to come to light.

When you feel glad, just be glad, and allow yourself to enjoy the moment.

Do not repress your emotions, for they are the gateway to your soul.

Do not be dragged down by distractions, for they detract you from your destiny.

Do not fall in the trap of consumption, for it takes you away from your process of creation.

Do not seek to escape reality through drugs, consumerism, or media, but rather embrace your challenges and take responsibility for your life.

Express yourself, be honest with yourself, and be patient with yourself.

Whatever experiences you are going through, whatever feelings you are feeling, whatever triumphs and tragedies you are facing, it’s all part of being human.

Practice the lost art of being.

p.s. Ski photo taken @ Mount-Pakenham in Ottawa. Sand and surf photos taken in beautiful Bermuda (Grape Bay Beach).

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