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Master Phil is the world’s only expert dedicated to Black Belt Leadership. His mission is to help you discover your best self by applying 1,000+ years of martial arts wisdom to face today’s leadership challenges.

His professional background as a bilingual Certified Master Trainer, Certified Professional Facilitator, and Distinguished Toastmaster, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and Management = Fun, non-boring, and highly interactive sessions for YOU.

His business experience as one of Ottawa’s “Top Forty Under 40”, the People’s Choice Award-winner for Family Business of the Year, and running his own Black Belt Excellence Martial Arts Academy for over 25 years = Practical, tangible, results-oriented strategies for sustainable success for YOU.

10,000+ People Have Been Influenced by Master Phil’s Inspiration and Instruction:

  • From CEO’s to senators.
  • From public servants to presidents.
  • From managers to the Mayor.
  • From city Councillors to a supreme court judge.
  • From teenagers to TV personalities.
  • From 6-year old’s with ADHD to adults with PhD’s.
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Join Master Phil on the journey of Black Belt Leadership!

My mission is to help your team discover their best self by applying 1,000+ yearsof martial arts wisdom to face today’s leadership challenges.”I hope to have the opportunity to work with you to make a real difference in the way your team and organization thinks, acts, and interacts so that together, we can leave a positive and long-lasting legacy.